Friday, July 31, 2009

Need More Information and More Therapy

I spoke to a man whose mother is suffering from Aphasia and he and his family are very frustrated. Sound familiar?
Nobody is ever prepared for a stroke or brain injury and the destruction they leave behind. I hear stories each week with a similar theme.
The survivor is being released from medical care, but they have not yet fully recovered. The family looks for solid answers for therapy (both physical and cognitive), but those solutions are hard to find.
The cold hard truth to you - the family and survivor - is that recovery is your responsibility. You and you alone determine how far to go in therapy efforts. The sooner you can realize and internalize that reality, the better you will be.
Health care providers can only do so much. In today's environment, health care is often constrained and limited by a myriad of reasons and regulations.
Recovery from a stroke or cognitive impairment is hard work! Therapy usually takes a long time and it does not and should not stop when you are released from full time or out-patient care.
Don't give up. Keep Looking for answers. Answers will come slowly just like the recovery progress.