Thursday, June 24, 2010

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage

I spoke to a woman today that is married to a man with Aphasia. She had purchased a set of my aphasia therapy dvd's and wanted to return the dvd's. I have a money back guarantee so I didn't even ask why she was returning, but she volunteered the information.

She said her husband would not watch the video programs. I asked, "Did he not like them?". "No", she said, "he just wouldn't watch them.". It turns out that the husband refused to watch the programs. He had not even watched a minute of one of the dvd's.

We sometimes forget that nobody enjoys doing something they are not good at. Do you like to experience frustrations and failures on a daily basis?

Therapy is not much fun for people with Aphasia. Therapy is hard work and progress comes very slowly. Therapy is small victories in the midst of countless challenges.

If you have a loved one with Aphasia, encourage them daily. Find concrete, noticeable things to complement. Make your encouraging words meaningful. Do everything you can to help them stay motivated to keep making progress.

I encourage you to be an encourager.