Thursday, January 21, 2010

How much Therapy is needed to Recover?

How much speech therapy is needed to recover from Aphasia? That is the magic question.

Of course, each individual is different and rates of recovery will always vary. But in my experience talking to individuals across the country, few people are getting more than an hour or two of therapy per week. In most cases, that is just not enough therapy.

So, how much is enough?
  • Some researchers say that an Aphasic person should receive at least 9 hours of therapy per week until 'fully' recovered.
  • Some researchers propose short bursts of intense therapy such as 3 hours of language training per day for 10 day sessions. In short, no conclusive answer exists.
Aphasia survivors and caregivers need to realize a couple of realities. These cold realities can be hard to accept.
  • First, progress can and does happen after the first six months. No matter what anyone may tell you, progress can be made even years after a stroke or brain injury.

  • Secondly, progress depends on you. Healthcare providers can only assist and encourage you. They are not responsible for recovery. You are.

I still haven't answered the title question. I know each of us wants a concrete answer. But, I would say that you need enough therapy to get you back to a level of functionality that enables you to enjoy life.