Saturday, August 24, 2013

Plateau? What Plateau?

I spoke to a man last week about purchasing my aphasia therapy DVD's for his wife.  He told me that they were trying everything they could think of to provide therapy for his wife within the first year.  He said that his wife's speech therapist had told them that they had a year to eighteen month window in which all recovery occurs.  After that time, recovery seems to plateau and no longer progress.

Plateau?  What Plateau?  Who is still talking about Plateaus?  I suggested that he pick up the great book by Jill Bolte Taylor - 'My Stroke of Insight'.  She was a medical research doctor at Harvard when she had her stroke.  In her book she says that it took her 7 + years to recover 'fully'.  And remember that recovering 'fully' is a very subjective term. 

For years, people have talked about the 'therapy plateau'.   Research within the past 15 years clearly debunks this once popular idea.

If you or a loved one are worried about 'your progress' and feel like you have hit the plateau.  Don't give up!  Find some encouragement. 

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